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Students: ask your recorder instructor for the Team Name and Access Code.

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How do I get a Team Name and Access Code?

Recorder Rock Star

This cool web-based program is a way for your students to play any song, with the teacher or a fellow student keeping score for the performance. It features many ways to motivate the players to higher standards of performance, and in the end, each performance is rewarded with the cool-looking certificate that you can print (free) from the site to your printer.


Test Your Recorder Skills

We've created a game for your students to test their knowledge of correct recorder fingerings. "Test Your Knowledge" quizzes students on which holes to cover for the proper note. If students need a little review before or after the game, they can use the interactive "Fingering Chart," which plays the note they click on the staff and shows the proper fingering. It features soprano, alto, tenor, and bass recorders.

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